About Us

Fusion provides an integrated solution for all your retail marketing needs

Fusion is a global retail services business connecting the right brands with the right retailers—doing whatever it takes to slash time-to-market, expand sales channels, and accelerate brand growth.

With 300+ combined years of retail experience, we have grown from a production house and design studio to offering integrated creative solutions to help brands transform their retail experience.

We are globally owned, with offices across Australia, Hong Kong, China, and the US.  This keeps us at the forefront of global retail trends and ensures that our clients receive the benefits from our global sourcing capabilities.

We pride ourselves on our ability to continually evolve and improve our offering and expertise, ensuring our clients remain relevant, innovative, and connected.

Our Mission

To Deliver: To be one of the world’s leading agency and providers of innovative,  creative retail solutions and activations, utilising our portfolio of brands to streamline,  differentiate and excel in services and products to market.

Our Vision

To Innovate:  The pursuit of excellence through creativity and agility, through local and international expansion, with strength in our creativity, scalability, agility and collaboration with all facets of the business whilst maintaining simplicity in execution.

Our Brand Story

The Fusion brand is the ideal innovator and the eternal optimist.

We believe that if it can be imagined, it can be created.

We value out-of-the-box thinking and believe that when boundaries are pushed, great things can happen.

Our Values

creativity small explosioncreativity large explosion
innovation small explosioninnovation large explosion
collaboration small explosion 2collaboration large explosion 2
ambition small explosionambition large explosion

The Fusion Reaction

In physics, a fusion occurs when two atoms merge to form a single element that emits a ton of energy.

And this is the same process that powers us.

Just as the same process powers our sun to generate energy and sustain our world, we help our clients shine by bringing together all the elements their brands need to flourish.

For sixteen years, Fusion’s project delivery teams across all aspects of retail have generated critical mass to power our process. This has ignited our creativity and shaped outcomes for more than 600 brands across the globe.

The Fusion Reaction. Where imagination and action collide.